Tuesday 25 September

People with a Kapha constitution such as myself, are discouraged from snacking in between meals as snacking reduces the digestive fire.

This contradicts ever more popular thinking which is that it is better to eat, say six, small meals throughout the day;  to keep the metabolic fires burning.

I can usually go for hours without eating, sometimes even until 1.30 or 2pm. I’m hungry, but not starving. However, this does not apply for a few days a month.  For a few days a month, like a lot of women, I am starving all day long. As soon as I notice this change, I know to prepare some healthy snacks like fruit. As I’m stuck in the house, and almost out of fruit, today I had a craving for old Amsterdammer cheese, it’s salty which is what I crave at that time of month. So… salt and cheese, not exactly Kapha reducing, but I can’t control myself, it’s my hormones! So I did have a snack today, but exercised considerable restraint and did not snack the rest of the day.

Oh and here’s a snippet I found on WebMB on the meals per day argument: While many nutrition experts agree that when it comes to weight loss irregular eating patterns and skipped meals can mean trouble for most of us, there isn’t anything close to a consensus on whether we are metabolically better off eating three regular meals a day or spreading that out into five or six smaller meals.

And googling the subject of ‘meals per day’ brought me to this interesting study, which basically claims that the argument for eating six times a day is bogus.

In any case, let me sum up the results of this review: Meal frequency per se has essentially no impact on the magnitude of weight or fat loss except for its effects on food intake. If a high meal frequency makes people eat more, they will gain weight. Because they are eating more. And if a high meal frequency makes people eat less, they will lose weight. Because they are eating less. But it’s got nothing to do with stoking the metabolic fire or affecting metabolic rate on a day to day basis.

Today’s Meals

On waking
Hot water with slice of lemon

Quinoa with Raisins Recipe

I like this breakfast. A lot. Today I was starving an hour later though, which doesn’t usually happen.

Wrap with oude kaas

Spicy beans and rice (Smith p123)

I had made extra last night so I could have a warm lunch today.

Sautéed beets (p 31) and Everyday Yellow Dhal (p 39 from this book by Ruta Kahate)

The beets recipe was absolutely delicious. I have never cooked beets in my life, I usually juice them. I will definitely make this again and will post the recipe. The dhal was spicy! I mistakenly threw in a  bunch of green chillies in there because I was distracted by the pain in my foot. Still, spicy’s good! The BF (who I am 100% sure is also a Kapha) wanted to have an ice lolly after dinner and I pointed out that we’d just had quite a large meal and it was too late (which it was). To which he replied “But my mouth’s on fire!” such a lame excuse 🙂


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