Wednesday 26 September

It has been my experience that the third day of a new eating regime is always really tough. Well, today was the third day…added to that, as I posted yesterday, due to hormonal issues I am starving. I am also very tired. I started off okay but my hunger was out of control so that I even ended up eating pizza today.  I slept in the afternoon, I did everything ‘wrong’. I did not have my lemon water and sure enough even though subsequent elimination was fine, I still felt bloated all day.

Grapefruit with cardamom and ginger

According to The Ayurvedic Cookbook, which I refer to at least 8 times a day, Kapha is not advised to eat grapefruit, obvious reasons being that the essence of grapefruit is cold and wet, like Kapha. However, I found a recipe for grapefruit that has been modified for Kapha and I like it. It’s so quick to make. Back in the day, waaay before I’d ever heard of Ayurveda, I used to heat up a grapefruit in the oven and sprinkle it with honey as my breakfast.

Two rice cakes with Oude kaas (cheese)

Sautéed beets (p 31) and Everyday yellow dhal (p 39 Kahate)

Made an extra portion yesterday so that I could have some for lunch today.

Two rice cakes with Oude kaas (cheese)

Take-out Pizza
I was supposed to be making Urad Dal but fell asleep and by the time the BF got home and woke me I had NO inclination to cook so asked if we could have a vegetarian pizza from the wood burning oven pizza place round the corner. Needless to say, I felt very bloated afterwards.

Tomorrow will be a more mindful day!


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