RECIPE: Grilled Aubergines with Spicy Chickpeas & Walnut Sauce

This vegetarian dish is packed full of great textures and tastes – smoky aubergine, nutty chickpeas and earthy walnuts.

Grilled  aubergines  with  spicy chickpeas  &  walnut  sauce

  • Heat  2  tbsp  oil  in  a  pan,  add  the  onion  and  fry  until  soft  and lightly  browned,  about  10  mins.  Add  the  chilli,  ginger  and  spices and  mix  well.  Stir  in  the  chickpeas,  tomatoes  and  5  tbsp  water, bring  to  the  boil,  then  simmer  for  10  mins.  Add  a  little  salt  and pepper  and  the  lemon  juice.
  • Arrange  the  aubergines  over  a  grill  pan.  Brush  lightly  with  oil, sprinkle  with  salt  and  pepper,  then  grill  until  golden.  Flip  them over,  brush  again  with  oil,  season  and  grill  again  until  tender and  golden.
  • Mix  the  yogurt  with  the  garlic,  most  of  the  walnuts  and coriander  and  a  little  salt  and  pepper.  Arrange  the  aubergine slices  over  a  warm  platter  and  spoon  over  the  chickpea  mix. Drizzle  with  the  walnut  sauce  and  scatter  with  the  remaining walnuts  and  coriander.

Serves  2
Prep  20  mins
Cook  30  mins

4  tbsp  olive  oil
1  onion, finely  chopped
1  red  chilli  deseeded  and  finely chopped
2cm  piece  ginger, finely  chopped
1⁄2  tsp  each  ground  cumin, coriander  and  cinnamon
400g  can  chickpeas,  rinsed  and drained
200g  tomatoes,  chopped
juice  1⁄2  lemon
2  aubergines,  sliced  lengthways

For the walnut sauce
200g  tub  Greek-­style  yogurt
1  garlic  clove,  crushed
25g  walnuts, chopped
handful  coriander  leaves, roughly chopped

Per  Serving
640  kcalories,
protein  22g,
carbohydrate  39g,
fat  45  g,
saturated  fat  10g,
fibre  13g,
sugar 16g,
salt  0.9

Recipe Source BBC


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