Sunday 30 September (Liquid (ish) Sunday)

Today was a better day, I felt calm, I practiced being mindful, but I am absolutely shattered now having cooked, cleaned and done various chores around the house. My ankle started swelling up again which was proof that I was overdoing it, so I stopped. But I had a goal for today: I decided that every Sunday will be a mostly liquid day for me.

So I made juice, then soup for lunch, dinner today and lunch at work tomorrow. I boiled potatoes for dinner tomorrow and I made breakfast for tomorrow. It’s all quite a lot of work, but worth it in the time and energy it saves me when I get home from work. I will be returning to work tomorrow after being off for 3 weeks, so I’ll probably be very tired after walking around and to and from work.

I also drank a couple of mugs of M&S Detox Infusion tea which has 25% nettle, 20% dandelion, 15% peppermint, 10% burdock, 10% spearmint, 10% aniseed, 5% liquorice root and 5% milk thistle. All, except the small amount of liquorice being sweet, good herbs for Kapha. I always read the labels of detox teas as I think a lot of them are just marketing BS, but I liked this list of all natural ingredients. I also bought it because I love the packaging, how pretty is it?

Fasting is good for Kaphas, to rekindle agni (digestive fire) and to burn away ama from the body and mind. 

Carrot and ginger juice with lime

Small bowl of carrot and lentil soup (recipe by Anjun Anand from this book)

Rice cake with old cheese

Bowl of carrot and lentil soup with 3 whole wheat crackers.

The soup was really good, spicy and nourishing, except that next time I’ll grate the ginger as I found it a little too prominent even though I had chopped it very small. Usually, I like a bit of crunch, but this time, I was a bit ‘meh’ about it.

Lunch and dinner

It’s now 21:54 and I am ready for bed so that’s what I’m going to do and wake up nice and early tomorrow ready for a new week.


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