Monday 1 October

Yesterday I wrote about how sometimes the week plan works and sometimes it does not. Sometimes, it goes wrong from the get go. I ended up going to bed at about 11pm, having no idea what I did for the past hour. I had a very bad night’s sleep, the BF’s snoring kept me awake, the room was too warm and I was anxious about how to get into work tomorrow.

The knock-on effect of this was of course, I woke up too late, had to rush, however did manage to sit down and have breakfast (cannot remember the last time I did that at home on a weekday), and left forgetting my soup.

I was starving today and admittedly when it came time for lunch, I was secretly glad I didn’t have my soup as it would not have filled me. I got a Turkish wrap thing instead filled with a little bit of mince and salad. A sign I am tired and or sick is when I start craving red meat.

My energy is very low. Of course it is partly because I cannot get around as I would like, but also because of the Kapha imbalance. It is very important that Kapha stays energised and avoids stagnation. So while all I want to do is sit on the couch and read or write what I should do is something fun and stimulating. I always feel SO good after I meet with friends or do something, anything, and I feel alive afterwards. But it’s tough to make myself go and do something.

So today, I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and the BF said let’s go to the movies. Now The Movies is a gorgeous art deco cinema literally less than a minute away from our front door. We have lived here 3 years and I have been there 5 times. That’s how deep my lethargy is. When I get home from work I do not want to do anything. So although I found myself quietly thinking of reasons not to go (had to cook, I was tired etc etc) we went and saw a great movie, and it really did me good. We ended up getting a crap meal from the snack bar afterwards, but I tried not to be too hard on myself about it as I had also done something very positive and good for myself.

Now, I’m thinking we could go to the movies every Monday and then I could make sure dinner is ready so we can eat before we go and then it really will be a perfect evening 🙂

Stewed Apple and Pears

Turkish wrap

Handful mixed nuts

‘Patat Met’ from the snack bar (gheesh…)


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