Tuesday 2 October

I could not wake up today, I was truly exhausted. I realise that it was too much for me to go back to work fulltime when I can’t even walk properly yet and I walked more yesterday than I have in a month and boy do I know it.

I sat down to eat breakfast again which was so nice; usually, I have breakfast at work, either home made or something from the canteen which inevitably does not agree with me. If I’m at home, I just have whatever I fancy, which sometimes is nothing.

I cannot for the life of me remember what I had for lunch, so I think that means I skipped lunch.

Luckily I had prepped a lot of the ingredients yesterday so to save time this evening, we bought spicy spinach and chapatis from our favourite Indian restaurants, instead of me making chapatis. I’ve only made them once, so want to take my time. The potatoes were really good although I would use less of some of the spices next time. I also used up a can of mixed vegetables we had in the pantry (no idea why…) just to get rd of it. After I drained the veges I rinsed them off with boiling water to rinse off all the salt.

Oh and I used my new toy – a rice cooker! I actually bought it so that I can quickly make quinoa, but I tested it on rice first and I must say the results were perfect.


Stewed Apple and Pears




Potatoes and 1 chapatis with spinach and mixed veges


In due course, hopefully my photos will get better, I’m doing what I can with my little compact for now.


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