Wednesday 3 October

The doctor advised me to work fewer hours a day until I can walk properly again without pain. I am happy to take this advice, as combined with TOM, I am feeling extremely tired. Too tired to post anything in fact, but here goes.

It was my birthday last month and my direct colleague’s too, so we usually buy cake together. As I’ve been out of the office for 3 weeks we still had not celebrated so today we ‘had’ to. I was debating having a piece of cake which I don’t really like anyway; and how everyone would say have some it’s your birthday etc. I had a small sliver of apple pie, and later thought I could have just not eaten it and ‘waited’ and no one would have known. I don’t really care for sweet food unlike most Kapha’s so it’s not a problem for me.

I used my Bento for the first time, and I have found the solution to my lunch time problems of heating food in the canteen and so on. I want to look a little more into what the Bento is made of because Dr Frank Lipman, whom I greatly admire, had a post about plastic containers and what they can do to you.

This is the Bento I have

On waking
Hot water with slice of lemon

Grapefruit with cardamom and ginger (blog)

Small piece of apple pie for birthday

Potatoes and chappatis with spinach in my Bento

Potatoes, spinach, a tiny glass of vla


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