Sunday 7 October

It’s Sunday – Liquid Day.

Last night I slept on the sofa so that I could rest my leg on the armrest so that it’d be truly elevated as I find that in bed I toss and turn and my foot ends up not elevated.

I am going to work tomorrow so really wanted today to be all about resting by foot. Also, I have my second Ayurvedic Nutrition class on Wednesday, so I had to do some reading for that.

In the afternoon I found myself struggling to stay awake, but I have to as it’s very Kapha imbalancing to have afternoon naps unfortunately.

Apple and Carrot Juice with Chia Seeds.

I have read so much about Chia Seeds and how good they are for you, that I bought a packet and did some research about how to use it. They are very warming in nature, therefore good for Kapha.

I’m going to make a pudding sometime this week using Chia seeds but for today, I used about a tablespoon in my juice. I thought it made sense as it’s suppseod to be very filling and as I’m trying to only consume liquids on Sundays, I’m interested to see if it keeps me full(er).

Spicy Cauliflower Soup

Small portion of spicy potatoes with one chapati

Hmm, I was actually quite hungry by about 4pm. I didn’t fancy more soup so ate a very small portion of left overs from the fridge. Having said that, like most weekends, the times I ate my breakfast and lunch, were completely out of sync with the time of day.

Spicy Cauliflower Soup

Throughout the day I had herbal tea and of course a couple of ‘cuppas’ as I cannot do without my ‘cuppa’!

I enjoyed very much reading my course material. I am so excited so see what this journey will bring. It’s very motivating that I have been doing this for two weeks and I have lost 2 kgs (4 lbs) whilst doing no exercise whatsoever.


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