Tuesday 9 October

I don’t think I could have picked a more challenging time to set this blog up. Or could I? – you never know with life. All I can say is, I still cannot walk more than a short distance, so the boyfriend has to do all the shopping and when cooking I have to sit down like an old lady. But, it’s getting better each day. Still, I have so much to do and I am severely limited right now. The painkillers were making me so spaced out I couldn’t read or watch movies because I couldn’t concentrate. So all this time sitting around and I am achieving ‘nothing’ which is frustrating me.

The great news however is that we got a new oven today! The oven died months ago and no one could figure out what was wrong. In the end, the manufacturer gave us a brand new one. Oh to warm my plate again before dinner! Oh to bake and roast!

I’m also too tired and spaced out to post so I’ll catch up later in the week.  The meal plan was changed around a bit on account of the fact I could not stand for long today.

On waking
Hot water with slice of lemon

Stewed Apples

Sautéed beets and rice Everyday yellow dhal  instead had Spicy Cauliflower soup

Home-made hummus – it was good!!

Spinach with potatoes and sesame seed rice  instead had vegetarian take-out Thai.

Spent the whole day with my foot up again as really overdid the walking last week and it’s backfired on me.


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