Tuesday 30 October

It’s TOM – think about that acronym ladies – so I am extra tired. I actually went to bed at 8:30 pm last night. I read and relaxed in bed and probably fell asleep at about 12:45 am which was bloody late but I felt fine when I woke up today.

This evening, I am once again in bed early, this time by 8.20 pm! I can barely keep my eyes open and I have so much reading to do for my course. I didn’t even finish my homework, which sends me reeling back to being at school and uni and never having my homework done in time.

I don’t like feeling like this, I feel like I’m just existing. Physically, I can’t do what I want to and it’s challenging to just go with it. I haven’t worked out for so long, I actually miss it. I’m not even looking forward to going to London in November  anymore as I think my family will be shocked to see I’m fatter again. I feel so self-conscious about it. The good thing, is that my ankle is getting better every week, but I think I’ll still be limping for another month maybe.


Mid-morning (10:30)
1 pear

Canteen lunch – Portobello mushrooms and potatoes with thyme and spinach soup

Last night I was too tired to even think about what to have for lunch today, let alone make it. So today I went to the canteen, or company restaurant as I should call it, with my fingers crossed that they’d have decent food. The food looked great, but there was a lot of meat so I went for the  side vegetables which had were being served with the chicken dish and some soup. As usual when I have canteen food, I got very gassy soon afterwards and my stomach felt ‘megh’. Happens every time.

I was quite hungry by the time I got home and as I had to be somewhere at 6pm, I wolfed down a few biscuits I had bought in a weak moment.

For dinner we had Surinamese roti delivered. I had the vegetarian version with (more) potatoes and tofu and green beans with a kind of coconut sauce I think.


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