Tuesday 20 November

The Plan:
On waking Hot water with slice of lemon
Mid-morning (10-11) Stewed Apples
Lunch (12-13) Work
Dinner (18:30-19:30) Sautéed beets and Everyday yellow dhal with sesame seed rice

The Reality:
I woke up starving in the middle of the night (say what?!). I have NO idea why that happened. Maybe reading a book about your relationship to food does that? I stumbled downstairs and had two slices of bread and butter, one of my favourite foods as a child. Hmmm that book might have a lot to answer for in fact.

Because I slept badly again, I in fact did not even have time to drink my lemon water when I woke up as I decided every second in bed was more urgent. Even though the flask was sitting right beside me.

Yesterday, I made stewed apples to take to work with me instead of a whole apple and the idea was to heat them at work. In the event, I could not be bothered walking to the canteen as it takes too long, so I ate the apples at room temperature.

Lunch I took in the canteen again; today’s warm meal was boerenkool stamppot. A traditional Dutch recipe which although I always think I don’t like, in fact have been known to sneer at, I do actually like because of the kale and potatoes. Also, got to admit for someone who doesn’t really like meat: I do love me a smoked sausage. However – I do always eat the stamppot with loads of sambal. So again, I had meat today. This is always a sign to me that I am worn out. Although I can’t say I was craving meat, I couldn’t resist it when I saw it.

Dinner was on the whole a more mindful affair. I had defrosted some beetroot (my favourite discovery of this year) and I had boiled lentils yesterday to save time for the dhal today so I ‘just’ needed to make the onion and spice mix. I made a huge pan of rice with black sesame seeds, the recipe called for sesame seeds, so I chose the black ones as I thought it would look pretty. It did. It was a nice spicy dhal and the rice was sensational. But I need to take a course on cooking with structure in the kitchen. It always looks like something exploded by the time I finish cooking.

The picture’s not very good, but it’s the best of the ones I took.

What are your tips and tricks for cooking in an organised fashion?


5 thoughts on “Tuesday 20 November

  1. Hi to my favorite kapha ;-))
    Firstly: I love your posts!
    Secondly: you’re doing great!
    And then a tip for organised cooking: I use the time when things are cooking and baking and boiling away to start clearing up, putting back spices etc and cleaning so by the time everything is ready, my kitchen is pretty organised. This doesn’t always work for me but luckily we have an unwritten rule in the house: the one who cooks doesn’t have to clean the kitchen!
    Keep at it love and don’t be too hard on yourself! Am a bit worried that your ankle is still hurting so much and also about your fatigue….are you sure this is the best way to diet with your medical history? Xxxx Mandytje


    1. Hi darling!

      So nice to hear from you! Thanks for the nice feedback keep it coming!

      You know your comment got me thinking yesterday. I realized that although I prepare VERY mindfully, I’m not executing mindfully. Meaning that all my love and concentration goes into the first part of my cooking but then I get tired/bored and don’t finish up as consciously as I started. So yesterday I did work very consciously in the kitchen from start to finish and I got to say it looked like a smaller bomb had exploded ;-). Work in progress.

      When Fred’s done cooking you can’t even tell someone was in the kitchen so we don’t do that rule (although God knows I’ve tried) because it is just not fair, and I feel bad 🙂

      My tiredness is from this damn ankle. Everything takes a lot more energy. I haven’t changed my way of eating at all I just eat smaller portions now and food that is good for MY digestive fire. If I wasn’t eating well I’d be feeling even more low on energy. So don’t worry about that honey, I’m not on a diet in the sense of the word we all know. The experiment is to see if eating an Ayurvedic diet will help me lose weight (I already know the answer) ..

      Lastly, I hope I see you soon and you can be my guinea-pig for a tongue diagnosis we learnt to do yesterday. Can’t promise any sage advice yet but it’ll be good practice for me.

      As I said, keep the tips and tricks coming that’s what I hope this blog will be where we can learn from each other as well!

      Xxxx Claire


  2. Roast veggies and steam kale on one day, then eat them in various forms the rest of the week – with an egg on top, in a salad, added to a soup, or just eat them straight! Soups are ideal for this, too, and are great to brighten the spirit when it’s dreary and cold outside (nearly every day in Holland, right?). I have all the best intentions of using my slow cooker, too; however that rarely seems to happen these days.


    1. Thanks Natty!

      Funnily enough we usually make a big fruit salad to last a few days but I never thought of doing that with roast veges which I love! Strictly speaking from an Ayurvedic perspective food should be cooked fresh every day but that’s just not do-able for women who work. So I’m definitely going to try the roast veges thing.

      As for the soup I love me some soup as you may remember but adding roast veges? Yum! And yes, thank you for rubbing it in – baby it’s dreary and cold outside 🙂

      I am very into kale right now too – as is everyone in the US I gather – but I have to make do with boerenkool. I even made kale chips with boerenkool the other week!

      As for the steaming? You mean you steam the kale in a steam basket or?


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