Wednesday 21 November

The Plan:
Wednesday (Ayurvedic Nutrition Course Day)
On waking Hot water with slice of lemon
Mid-morning (10-11) Stewed Apples
Lunch (12-13) Moroccan Carrots (Liese) and sesame seed rice (p274)
Dinner (18:30-19:30) Red Paste Prawns (Priya) and sesame seed rice (p274)

The Reality:
I gulped down my lemon water this morning as I was rushing to get out the door. Had another bad nights sleep.

We learnt in class today that garlic, although being one of the best things you can eat, is very stimulating to the mind, and as I have been using a lot of garlic the last two nights I’m wondering if this could be why I’m wired at night. I’m going to experiment with this and see of I can tell a difference.

I took an apple with me instead of the stewed apples as otherwise along with packing my lunch, I felt like I was packing for a full-on picnic. I didn’t eat the apple during the break so I was hungry at lunch.

Lunch was not the Moroccan carrots but left over dhal and beetroots from yesterday with rice. I had a whole discussion with a fellow student about how useless most thermos’ are in keeping your food warm. I bought an expensive one that doesn’t really work, and I have the Bento but you need to have a microwave around to use it. My fellow student and I even went to the nearby outdoors shop to see what containers they have in stock but we had no joy. The search continues for a good food container that actually keeps food warm for hours.

I was very hungry when I got home, and could not resist nibbling at some of the nuts, dips and dates etc I’d bought to take along for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

For dinner I made a prawn and bell pepper recipe I had from my Indian cookery class last year. You can make it either with mushrooms or prawns. I used both and the recipe calls for paprika powder and cayenne and as I did not have any paprika I used half a teaspoon of chilli. Chilli and cayenne. People, I like spicy food, but this was ridiculous. This blew the roof off my mouth. I had even already added creme fraiche to it as my boyfriend doesn’t like very hot food, but that just took the edge off. Dang! What a daft mistake to make. Note to self: remember paprika and chilli are not interchangeable.


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