Friday 23 November

The Plan:
Friday (NBPO Course Day)
On waking Hot water with slice of lemon
Breakfast Kale Sun-dried Tomato Eggy Scramble (Joyous Health)
Mid-morning (10-11) Apple
Lunch (12-13) At course
Dinner (18:30-19:30) Porto­bel­lo-cham­pig­non ge­vuld met gei­ten­kaas (AH)

The Reality:
Predictably, I ended up in bed a lot later than I intended to. We were having such a nice time at my friends Thanksgiving dinner but as we sat down to eat a little later than normal, it felt unnatural and discourteous to be strict about leaving early.

When the alarm went off at 6:30 am I literally groaned. I could barely open my eyes. There is a certain type of exhaustion I get one morning a month which coupled with other PMS symptoms is a tell-tale sign of what’s to come. Sure enough it’s TOM! Joy of joys; little sleep, very early start, a banged toe which turned black and blue and a two day long course to which I must travel by train. I can tell you, it was a challenge to bring myself back into the moment all the time today.

I had planned on having a hearty breakfast today and tomorrow instead of nothing or an apple. However there was no time to make my kale scrambled eggs. In fact, the food and snacks at the venue were more than adequate and they even had vegetarian crêpes at the lunch buffet. As I hadn’t had anything to eat, when we had a break at 11 and they servedo a piece of cake, I was more than happy to have some because my stomach was growling aka my Agni was high!

The course was interesting. The journey home was so hellish I actually burst into tears when I walked in my front door.

I was also hungry when I got in, and so shoved down some nuts and a couple of amaranth crackers with garlic and truffle aioli I had left over from thanksgiving. As soon as I did that, I realized that I was eating emotionally and mindlessly. I wasn’t thinking for a second about why I was actually eating (mostly because I was emotional).

TLB (the lovely boyfriend) was supposed to be doing the cooking tonight but he had a terrible day at work so by the time he got in he was not in the mood to cook. Now, making portobello mushrooms in the oven requires minimal effort of course, but I was too exhausted myself too argue. So we did what we hate to do: ordered in. We had Indian as it was the best option.

I’m not surprised that today turned out to be one of those days you do not eat according to plan; what I do find annoying is that the food was very salty so you’re thirsty all evening. Also, there’s so much of it we’ll be eating it tomorrow too. So there goes tomorrow’s plan.

I am in bed early at 9:30 pm and I’m very happy to call it a day!


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