Video: Energiek door Ayurveda (deel 1)

Reportageserie Petra van der Wal werkt in de zorg als manager. Ze is druk met haar baan. Ze gaat elk jaar naar India voor een Ayur Vedische kuur.



2 thoughts on “Video: Energiek door Ayurveda (deel 1)

  1. Let’s go there! 😉
    I must say it’s very interesting and it all sounds completely logical to me…
    I do admire you for trying to implement the ayurvedic lifestyle while living in the Western world…doesn’t seem to be the easiest option. Keep going! Much love, Mandy


    1. I’d love to!

      Thanks for the support darling. It does take some discipline, BUT I feel better and I love learning more every day so it’s worth it. Depending on how deep you’re getting into your Yoga, it makes sense that it makes sense 😉 to you as Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences. xxx


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