Thursday 6 December

Last evening I was feeling very dizzy; it got worse and worse and I thought maybe I hadn’t eaten enough. So I had a small piece of bread before I decided to go up to bed at 21:00. By the time I got off the couch I felt like I was going to throw up, and by the time I was in bed a few minutes later I did. Thankfully TLB had just gone down to get me a bucket otherwise I’d have had a nasty accident! I threw up so much, I can’t remember the last time that happened. I have a small idea it might have been yesterday’s soup as I’d left it out of the fridge well into the afternoon at work, and didn’t heat it up properly yesterday. Anyway, I feel better today, but as my stomach is still making very strange noises, I’m signing off for a few days as I certainly don’t feel like cooking, so I’ll just have to wing it with whatever food I have in the fridge.


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