Tues 18 – Sat 29 Dec – Kapha Rising

Some months, before TOM strikes,  I get sick. I get a bad cold and sore throat and basically I feel like I’m coming down with the flu.  This has happened so often the last few years that I once googled it and found many women have the same complaint. So I’m not talking regular PMS symptoms, but eyeballs-hurt-in-your-head-stay-in-bed-sick symptoms.

Well, this month it got me again and I have been as sick as a dog. As it usually disappears after a few days I thought I’d ride it out but this was a little worse than I thought. I caught a really bad cold and cough and it came out of nowhere hitting me like a brick last week Tuesday. The first sign was that I kept asking my colleague to turn the heating up and he said it’s up to maximum. I was absolutely freezing all day.  The same day, a colleague in my department called in sick with a very bad throat and then I heard people arund me saying it’s going around as they say. And as I always pessimistically and only half-joking say, “If it’s going around, it won’t go around me”.

It was a huge day at work last week Thursday; my colleague took the day off and I was on my own working like the living dead. I constantly went from freezing to having the sweats – this must be what menopause is like!

My Christmas holidays started on Friday 21 December and I spent several days in bed or on the couch. I figured it would be a good time to try some Ayurvedic cold and flu remedies and see if one works but unfortunately I was so out of it, I didn’t even have the energy to experiment. I have had NO appetite whatsoever.

As a result of me being under the weather, Christmas was a very low-key affair which was a bit of a shame as I do like to make special meals and snacks. We had a pot-luck dinner at TLB’s mum’s house so I did make my traditional turkey dish for that, and two side-dishes: sweet potato and Brussel sprouts.

I am now almost 100% except for a stubborn phlegmy cough. Kapha Rising I call it. The good news is also that my ankle is also almost better. I still limp, but the rest helped it.

Looking forward to doing some cooking again and I really missed my blogging and learning as I blog!


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