9781401911959In my post Happy New Year, I wrote that I had thought about what my intention is for my body, mind and life. I believe in intention because it has been my experience that when I have focussed on what I want to get, I get it, be the result good, bad or neutral.

What I want to change is to actually focus, be more mindful; on a day-to-day basis, not just when I desire a certain outcome. Mindfulness gives you a feeling of control. My weight got out of control because I did not focus on it, I was not fully aware of it and when I did think of it, I just stopped mid thought instead of thinking it through and observing my thoughts and feelings about the situation and making better decisions based on what I observed.  Same with various health issues I have had, men I have known, places I have worked – I noticed something was not right but did take the time to follow through my own thoughts. I kind of brushed it under the carpet instead of sitting with it. This is clearly an over-simplification of the matter, but I hope you get the message.

I admire Dr. Wayne Dyer and I have a lovely book of his about intention at home: “The Invisible Force – 365 Ways to Apply the Power of Intention to Your Life”.  I try to remember to look into this book every day but often I don’t make time.

So I decided it would be great to take Dr Dyers intention thought and post it every day and meditate on the thought for a minute every time I see it on the page.

Maybe you will find inspiration from some of the quotes too.


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