Wednesday 16 January

The Plan:Wednesday
On waking Hot water
Mid-morning (10-11) Stewed pears
Lunch (12-13) Cannellini beans with kale (p 134 Anand)
Dinner (18:30-19:30) Wheatgerm soup

The Reality:
On waking Slice of toast
Mid-morning (10-11) Stewed pears
Lunch (12-13) Cannellini beans with kale (p 134 Anand)
Dinner (18:30-19:30) Wheatgerm soup
Snack I ‘Sultana’ biscuit
Big pot of Kapha tea drink throughout the day

Today I had an impromptu day off as our Ayurvedic Nutrition class got cancelled on account of the snow and weather conditions. So I used the extra time to catch up on my DVR viewing, some administration and generally take it easy.

I made the Cannellini beans with kale for lunch with a bit extra for tomorrow’s lunch at work. As I always seem to experience with Anjum Anand’s book, the recipe measurements seemed off when I was preparing it and I had to improvise, but the result was delicious. I will definitely make this again.

TLB and I went to Vinyasa Yoga class. I have not been for I think two years and it was TLB’s first yoga class ever! I am so proud of him for taking a step towards better health. In the dosha test he’s done he comes out a Pitta but he clearly has a Kapha imbalance now, so the Vinyasa will be excellent for him. I always missed my yoga class but circumstances meant that I had to make choices the last couple of years about how to spend that hard earned cash and unfortunately, yoga had to be scrapped from my list. It was wonderful to stretch and twist and do all those lovely asanas.

I laid the table and had everything ready before we left the house so as soon as we got home we just had to sit down and eat. The class is from 18:00-19:30 so we’ll be home about 20:00. It’s going to be challenging to make the class on a normal Wednesday when I’m at work but I’m just going to start earlier every week and leave earlier.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday 16 January

  1. Thumbs up for TLB! Did he enjoy the yoga class? And did you miraculously start speaking Dutch?

    I hope all will be revealed in your next blog, which I am starting to be addicted to by the way…

    Have a relaxing night’s sleep!

    X Mandytje

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

    Op 16 jan. 2013 om 22:35 heeft Letting Go het volgende geschreven:

    > >


    1. LOL! Yes he did! I was crossing my fingers until the last minute it wasn’t one big joke to shut me up. But he did very well. It was so good to be back as you can imagine. I’m still surprisingly flexible but the old body’s a lot stiffer at the same time. Ja! Ineens spreek ik Nederlands! Goed hé?! You know too much Mandy 🙂


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