Week 3 Review

Week 3 was okay. It was a trifle messier than last week. I felt busier and thus more tired whilst my week wasn’t actually that busy.

The highs and lows in no particular order were:

I lost weight again; according to my iPhone app 0.6kg  or 1.2lbs. My tracking site records a loss of 1.5kg which is what I see on my scales at home too. Don’t get the maths but all I know is I feel lighter and my clothes are a smidgen looser.

Another high, which if I were doing this in order of importance would be joint nr.1 with the above, was that after a two year hiatus I returned to my favourite yoga class. My friend Mandy was talking the other day about how she is ‘in love’ with her yoga teacher and I feel exactly the same about mine. Corinne has the best energy, she is so loving, clear and patient and really keeps an eye on her students. She’s also very grounded and at the risk of sounding like a 15 year old has a figure to die for. Lean with muscle definition. A lot of yoga and pilates teachers are thin, but I find thin with muscle definition beautiful,  good examples of what I think are healthy looking bodies are Jessica Biel and Naomi Campbell.   Maybe one day, I’ll know what thin feels like and then I can start worrying about muscle definition ha!

I noticed I was quite hungry last week; I can only put it down to the freezing temperatures outside. So as on a couple of occasions I succumbed to food that is most definitely kapha increasing (French fries and other deep-fried forbidden foods) I didn’t eat as clean as I did the week before.

I only had one gym workout this week with my trainer, and didn’t get my butt over to the gym for any cardio at all.

I’m logging my sleep every night even though that app I use only (surprisingly accurately) tells you how long you were in bed and how deep your sleep was, I am the worlds biggest snoozer so I actually stay in bed an hour after the alarm goes off. That it does not note! But seriously, I need to go to bed at 10.30 pm at the latest.

Also importantly  I forced myself to go out in the freezing cold at night to see a movie with a girlfriend. Every bone in my body was screaming no but I did it and it was a good thing to do. Especially when the weather is so damp and cold and heavy a kapha needs to take steps to not get lethargic and lazy (like increases like). That means lots of exercise and embracing change and spontaneity.



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