Sunday 3 February

The Plan: Sunday (Detox Sunday)
On waking Hot water
Mid-morning (10-11) Indian scrambled Eggs
Lunch (12-13) Black eyed pea salad with ginger and red onion (p 87)
Dinner (18:30-19:30) Green Mung Bean Soup (Dr. Oz)

The Reality: Sleepy, lazy, Sunday
On waking Hot water
Mid-morning (10-11) Omelette and toast
Lunch (12-13) Toast
Dinner (18:30-19:30) Spinach pizza

In keeping with the past few days, today I was tired. I had a great lie-in though but was tired again by 8pm. This can only mean one thing. TOM is approaching.

I really enjoyed today, it was quiet and I spent quality time reading in our lovely reading room with Roosje the cat perched next to me. Sometimes she just sits and looks at me for ages and we just blink at each other now and again. It makes me melt. I should write a post about her one day as she has also been a great mindfulness teacher in my life 🙂

Speaking of which…what have your pets taught you?



2 thoughts on “Sunday 3 February

  1. My dog has taught me to live in the moment and to take things as they come. Pets are great teachers in mindfulness – I couldn’t agree more!
    Yes please; a blog on Roosje!


    1. Says the girl who never understood how you could be in love with your pet! I love that you discovered the joy they bring and I believe you and Bendert are learning a lot from each other! He could hardly have a lovelier mum now could he? Xxx


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