From MindBodyGreen – How My Dog Made Me A Vegetarian

I like this post on MindBodyGreen. As it happens I did my weekly shop yesterday intuitively; I decided to buy whatever fruit and vegetables felt right (considering I am run down) and were grown locally. I came home laden down with carrots, broccoli, turmeric and celeriac among other goodies.

I was a vegetarian for several years, then I stopped in 1999. I became a vegetarian again in 2012 even though in truth I hardly ate meat anyway. I LOVE all animals and when I look deeply, there is no reason to eat them.

Somehow you always have to defend your choice when you stop eating meat and people suddenly become nutritional experts saying things like “you need meat for protein”. One comment that used to drive me round the bend years ago was “but you wear leather shoes”. It always seemed like people were trying to catch you out or something. I say each to his own. After eating great vegan food for a week during Thích Nhát Hanh’s retreat last summer, receiving the five mindfulness trainings and observing my true feelings about all animals, not just my lovely cat, I realized in eating meat, my actions were incongruous so the choice to stop eating meat was an easy one.


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