Wednesday 6 March

The Plan Wednesday
On waking Hot water
Before gym Iron-Rich Breakfast Drink (p 257 Morningstar)
Mid-morning (10-11) Stewed Apples and Pears and Kapha Tea
Lunch (12-13) Broccoli and ham risotto (Tesco)
Dinner (20:15) Carrot and lentil soup with quinoa pilaf (p 80 Anand)

The Reality
On waking Hot water
Mid-morning (10-11) Stewed Apples and Pears and Kapha Tea
Lunch (12-13) Broccoli and ham risotto (Tesco)
Dinner (20:15) Broccoli and ham risotto (Tesco)

Today was a nice day. The weather was warmish, work was relaxed, I went through my to-do list like nobody’s business and best of all, it was the day the cleaner comes and does all the ironing and cleaning 🙂

I didn’t make it to the gym again today, the bag was packed but I went to bed too late last night and so of course could not get up this morning. But I don’t feel too bad as I did go to yoga. Tonight’s practice was balances and for the life of me I could not do bakasana or crane pose. I am convinced it is almost impossible to do when you are overweight because I could literally feel all the fat in the way and I felt very insecure about carrying all my weight on my two wrists. The teacher said don’t think about it! Play! I know she’s right but I could not let go in my mind. If anyone’s has good tips for doing difficult poses I’d love to hear them (ahem Dearbhla!).

There was so much risotto left that there was no point cooking so we had more risotto again for dinner. I had two tiny biscuits at work and two sesame seed biscuits as I was hungry before yoga. I should have had a much bigger portion today at lunch. On the way home I bought a bag of rice snap things and a small soya yoghurt.

Still working on the going to bed by 10.30 thing. Unsuccessfully so far.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday 6 March

  1. To come into bakasana use more mula bandha (pelvic floor lift) which will stimulate uddiyana bandha (engagement of lower abs). Arm balances are basically bandha and abdominals. Everyone has abs, you just have to figure out how to use them!


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