About Me

My name is Claire. I was born in 1967.The author of this here blog

I have always been overweight.

As a child growing up in Malawi, my mum would tell everyone that it was ‘puppy fat’ and it would go. It didn’t. Even though in Africa we ate lots of fruit and vegetables and no processed foods, I suffered from asthma, excessive mucus, constipation and sinus problems. Moving to Europe at age 12 did help to relieve my asthma but I had terrible pleurisy instead.

At 21 I decided to go vegetarian and I felt great! I remained a vegetarian for about 5 years until I admitted I just cannot live without chicken now and again.

Why Ayurveda?

I first discovered Ayurveda in 1998 after reading Deepak Chopra’s books. I did the dosha analysis tests and came out a resounding Kapha.

I began by eliminating dairy, and for the first time in my life, I was free of mucus and sinus problems. It literally changed my life. I then proceeded to eliminate all cold drinks and food, and again, noticed a difference in how I felt.

For the past years, I’ve sort of half-lived according to Ayurvedic diet principles. I am convinced it is a better way to live. In fact, I realised that in Malawi where there are a lot of Indian people, I was always exposed to an Ayurvedic life, but I did not know that that’s what it was. I remember my friend’s mum always sipped hot water instead of tea or coffee or fizzy drinks. I found it fascinating, and she had the most beautiful skin. I later learnt sipping hot water is one of the most recommended tips in Ayurveda for strengthening digestive power, and reducing metabolic waste (Ama). I knew Indian people who would ‘anoint’ their body in the morning, which I found out is Abhyanga. So you could say Ayurveda was on my path.

I decided to start implementing everything I have learned about Ayurveda, and continue to learn, and monitor what changes it will bring about in my weight-loss and life in general. In September 2012 I am also starting a course in Ayurvedic nutrition.

And Buddhism?

I have been interested in Zen Buddhism since about 1991. In the same way Ayurveda just makes sense to me, so does Buddhism and particularly Zen Buddhism. I am a follower of Thich Nhat Hanh and was blessed to finally attend a retreat with him in Germany in August 2012. I received the The Five Mindfulness Trainings and it is my intention to live in line more and more with who I am deep down and have always been; a person who likes to live truthfully, simply and with purity.

My aim with this blog is mostly to have a place to gather all I know and learn about Ayurveda and Buddhism, and how I can fully incorporate the two into my life. I will document what changes happen to my body and mind and surroundings, and  hopefully this will become a nice ‘story’ of a successful path to a level of physical and spiritual oneness and what works for me.

I have never been really committed to losing weight and achieving balance, in really following through in alignment with my values and beliefs. I think it’s time to change all that now.

Dharma Name: Unconditional Love of The Heart